1.HT: VISION-CUP 2019 by rlc-gamer.de                                            
2.NT: League of Legends 5on5                                            
1.HT: CS : GO 5on5 by KabelDirekt                                            
3.FUN: Super Smash Ultimate                                            
3.FUN: Fifa 2019                                            
2.NT: Rocket League 1on1 by Runtime                                            
1.HT: Rocket League 2v2 by Runtime                                            
2.NT: Rocket League 3on3 by Runtime                                            
2.NT: Counter Strike: GO 2on2                                            
2.NT: Counter Strike: GO 1on1 by Inline                                            
3.FUN: StarCraft 2                                            
3.FUN: Warcraft 3                                            
1.HT: League of Legends 1on1 by Noctua